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Now we are halfway through 2021 and we are slowly getting back to a bit of normality, we thought we would catch up with Tru Wealth Athletes Mhairi Hendry, Philippa Millage, Nick Percy, and Kirsty Costello to find out how they have been getting on during the pandemic and what to expect for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

Tru Wealth and scottishathletics

In 2018 we were invited to work with Scottish Athletics and have since built strong relationships in the community. Our support has evolved over the years, from becoming one of the main sponsors of Victoria Park City of Glasgow Athletics Club to announcing our official partnership and sponsorship of the Tru Wealth Road Race Series in early 2020 and continuing our support of individual athletes.

Here’s what the athletes had to say:


The pandemic has been slightly different from me to other athletes, I work in the NHS so have been working throughout. My department were initially redeployed to the front door of A&E. We were just asking questions related to COVID symptoms and then directing them to the green or red door. An easy shift in comparison to other redeployments within the NHS but we were just happy to help where needed. We were there for a couple of months but soon our patients needed seen so we re-opened our clinics a little differently to normal.

I suffered with a few injuries at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and this year have recently changed coaches.

I am really enjoying my new training set up and hopefully it will show in my performances towards the end of the season.

I did my first out door race since august 2019 last month in Manchester. It isn’t where I want to be, I am very race rusty but it’s a starting point and I’m very happy to get back racing.

It just felt so nice to see everyone again at the track and people are running some fast times which is really motivating.

My aims are just to keep chipping away at my time and then hopefully get a solid winter base of training in to get back to my best in 2022.


Covid-19 has affected every single part of our lives, and it has been a difficult time for us all. As an athlete, the routine of training and competing is an important part of my life, and the sudden lack of this routine was at times both mentally and physically challenging. The lack of access to tracks, gyms, and that all important one on one time with my coach and fellow training partners had meant that vital parts of training have just not been possible. As I work full-time the winter months were particularly tricky as I’d have to try and do what running I could on dark icy nights, sometimes having to miss runs completely when the weather was too bad.

As competition season approached it was incredibly important to stay focused and concentrate on what could be controlled rather than what could not. I was delighted to be selected to compete for Scotland at Loughborough international, and with my coaches’ guidance and confidence that I was in decent shape I accepted the invitation. The race was a tactical one, and although the time was not in the ballpark of what I would normally be happy with, I raced well and was ecstatic to be back out on track doing what I love. Confidence and mental resilience grow from each race and this first race gave me a jumping off point and enabled me to set my sights on new goals. The aim was to simply be quicker and be more confident in my next race and to quieten that little voice in my head telling me that all the missing elements of training meant I was not ready.

My second race came the following weekend and after a good session and pep talk from my coach I was feeling more confident. I ran a great race, not too far off my PB time and came away with a new Masters British Record. The buzz of being at a competition, making your coach proud and seeing your hard work payoff is pretty special.

Now all my worries and concerns about “not being in shape” have subsided and I am looking forward to seeing what I can achieve next. Despite the missing parts of my training regime, I still got out there and put in all the hard work required in wind rain or shine and it is amazing what your mind and body can achieve when you work hard and set goals!


The pandemic hit at a very tough time for every athlete just before the Olympics last year but fortunately it got pushed back for safety. This has proved to be very beneficial for myself with the extra training time. We had to be creative during lockdown to continue training creating our indoor training area at home which online was dubbed the Percy Performance Centre. This area with my lock’s gym lending me weights and lifting equipment Meant I was able to continue training fully through lockdown.

This current year is my best to date with having a very good consistency which soon will yield a big break through and beating my own Scottish National record. So far I am only 1.26m off the Olympic B standard which requires ranking in the Top 32 men for an invitation to the Olympics. I am also only 26cm off next year’s European championships qualifying and have exceeded the 2022 commonwealth games qualifying mark on 11 occasions and my best mark being close to 3.5m past the required distance.

As more things ease and international travel being allowed bigger conditions are becoming available with bigger competitors which could be the push I need for the big throw to potentially qualify for the Olympics this summer in Tokyo.


The pandemic was honestly a blessing in disguise especially for my development in the sport. It may sound strange, but it helped me figure myself out and what I want in life. It gave me time to assess weak points, motivate myself towards goals.  I have been extremely blessed to have had the indoor facility at Kilbarchan which allowed me to both throw and lift in the warmth throughout the winter. It also has a great environment in there with other athletes to motivate each other which I haven’t experienced to the same extent before. For me the main goals this year is to 1) throw as far as I can and 2) go to as many internationals as I can such as euro juniors/worlds and 3) maintain good grades at university.

As things open up, I’m looking forward to being able to hug friends and family again! And good food and drinks, I’ve made some shockers in lockdown learning how to cook.

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