Checklist to Prepare for the Big Move

Moving to a new home doesn’t always have to be stressful. We have compiled a checklist with all of our top tips to help you prepare for the big move. Here are some of the things you will need to think about:

Four weeks to go

  • Give notice to your landlord – if you are currently renting you will need to give notice of you leaving. Depending on your tenancy agreement you may need to give more than four weeks’ notice.
  • Start to organise your belongings, donate or sell anything that you don’t use
  • If you are purchasing new furniture for your home, ensure you know the measurements of your new home to make sure everything fits perfectly
  • Do some research on TV and Internet deals for your new home so you’re not stuck without WiFi when you move home
  • Organise a removal company to help you move – or call in favours from friends and family if you don’t have a lot to move

Two weeks to go

  • Time to start the dreaded task of packing! Organise things room by room and start with the things that you won’t miss over the next couple of weeks
  • Update your address – you will need to let your bank and work know and also update your driving licence, TV licence and utility bill accounts
  • Redirect your mail to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything important
  • Register your new home for council tax and let your council know you’re moving
  • If you have a window cleaner, gardener or dog walker, let them know that you’re moving

The day before

  • Get your marigolds on and give your place a good clean!
  • Gather up all your current house keys and ask your family and friends to return their sets if they have any
  • Call your estate agent to arrange to collect your new house keys – the exciting part!
  • Do a final walk of your current house to make sure you’ve not forgotten anything
  • Pack a bag of essentials that you will need in your new home before you’ve managed to unpack – for example, toiletries, change of clothes and maybe a kettle, some tea bags and some mugs and cutlery

On the day

  • Take final meter readings at your old house before you leave so you can send the final read to your suppliers
  • If you have hired a removal company, check that there’s no damage to any of your belongings
  • If you have any last-minute questions for the seller then now is the time to ask. These might include: where is the heating system? When’s bin day? And most importantly, where’s the best takeaway!?

You’re in!

  • Take meter readings at your new house and let your utility provider know both readings so your bills are accurate from day one
  • Update your details on the electoral register
  • Register with your local doctor and dentist
  • Enjoy your new home! Take some time to relax and settle in to your new home and of course enjoy the obligatory moving in takeaway! There’s time for unpacking later…

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